We are two friends who are passionate about good news.
We live in Australia and have been seeking out positive news online since 2005.

Who started this site? This is what we wrote on
26 Apr 2005  

hi! i am a 10 year old boy who doesn't like bad news and is sick of watching all the bad news - give me the good news.

Hi! I am his mother and I have 4 other children and I am also a teacher.

We live in Australia and think that we all need more good news.

Why we made this site - it all came down to questions...

Every night my husband would come home from work and ask "any good news?" Sometimes one of us - 1 mother and 5 children - would have some personal good news like receiving a certificate or kicking a goal in soccer but there was never good world news.

Every night we would watch the news and my younger children would ask "why isn't there any good new?" This sank in over a long time and suddenly I found myself with a passion to put the good news out there all in one place. So this has changed my perspective on how I see things as I am always looking for the good angle. 

I hope you too can start seeing a change in your life when you ask "what's the good news?"


good news good luck
Good luck with this great new news site.
Posted by christina in 2005

Keep going please

There have been 1 or 2 good news sites like these in the past but they have stopped. Please keep going.
Posted by Lindsay
Great site
This site is great keep going there arent a lot of these websites around!
Posted by samuel
Thu, 20 Jul 2006 Your positive site

hi gnn... gni is the work of a 63 yo man - me- and was started to touch and motivate people to feel positive about... in 5.5 years it has developed a worldwide following. i am glad it made sense in australia as well. with far fewer people and problems and greater wealth than india good luck d v