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 11 Child Prodigies and the Amazing Things They'd Done by Age 11 

What kids are doing to help the environment

Hallie helps the environment

Hallie Turner is an eleven-year-old climate activist.

You can make a safer world for kids

Every parent, grandparent and carer wants to keep their child healthy and safe...right? Well here is a wonderful resource that can help you make a safer world for children - See full story

All of us share a sense of common purpose. We represent many, many others—some we know, and others we have never met. People throughout the world are increasingly connected by a resonance and passion, to create a new common sense for the good health of children today and generations to come.
Cheryl Charles, Ph.D., is co-founder, President and CEO Emerita of the Children & Nature Network

 Good initiatives by students in schools. 

It's My Environment! For Earth Day, we challenged people to show us something simple they do for the environment and pass along a sign declaring personal responsibility for the environment.

Investing in the health of women and children makes good sense 

What is Every Woman Every Child?

Launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in September 2010, Every Woman Every Child aims to save the lives of 16 million women and children by 2015. 

It is an unprecedented global effort to address the major health challenges facing women and children around the world. 

It's action plan, the Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health, is a road map on how to improve services for the most vulnerable women and children.
baby being carried by Mother
More than $40 billion in resources for women's and children's health pledged by governments, philanthropic institutions, the United Nations and multilateral organizations, civil society, the business community, health-care workers and professionals, and academic and research institutions.

Good for baby, good for the environment - starting first foods

Waste free lunches - Suggestions for a small carbon footprint at work or at school when making lunches.

Healthy morning tea CHECK LIST for kids.

Infants and honey

Change the world in just 5 minutes: this video is by a group of school kids 


is bringing together those devoted to early childhood whether it is in creative parenting, preschool education, playgroups, Montessori and Waldorf education, homeschooling, natural living or the arts.

EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA was created to bring together all those who wish for a connection with others who share this engaging time when children are young.

Contributors include long time teachers, grandparents and  parents with young children who live all around Australia. Visit EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA

The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund was established by Mandela in 1995 to improve the conditions and lives of children.  A Children's Hospital, children's clubs and a youth parliament are just some of the Fund's programs. Read more...

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation funds and supports many projects identified by the community such as Honey Ant Readers, in Central Australia which provides language books to children as they start school.  Read more...

 early play

ideas for early childhood


Kids News Network is news about kids all around the world.

 What are kids doing?  

Reducing energy consumption... creating books... making music... helping others... helping the environment... making films...  Find out more at Kids News Network.


KNN blog - What kids did for Earth Day ... Surfing... skateboarding... planet pledge for the environment...

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At 10 Maritza started an organization for environmental education called HUNAB through which she now trains young people in conservation awareness. Read on

Through the organization Kids Making a Difference, kids are supporting other kids. These kids are helping with recycling efforts, public education and helping animals in need. It was started in June 2000 by Stephanie when she was 8 years old.

Stephanie was inspired to start Kids Making a Difference after finding about an injured baby manatee. She helped the manatee by selling buttons and other kids wanted to join in too. 


 baby play

information about babies and what you can do to enhance their development.
Topics include:
books for babies includes types babies respond to at different stages
talking to babies
toys for babies
Finding faces
Tummy time
Songs and rhymes for baby

Help Children! The Autism Site


earth sky sea child

for eco friendly living with kids

that are in tune with the natural world

52 days to explore

Ideas for the natural explorer in us all