Good City Award

GNN's award winning City of the Month for DECEMBER goes to the North Pole

We all know the North Pole is where Santa lives but did you know the North Pole is in Alaska? 

"North Pole is a scenic small town of approximately 2,099 people that serves as the commercial hub of the “Greater North Pole” area of over 30,000 residents.


You can visit the Ice Park  which is full of ice sculptures created by local and international scultors. It is right next door to Santa Claus House.

There are Christmas-themed streets in North Pole including Santa Claus Lane, St. Nicholas Drive, Snowman Lane, and Kris Kringle Drive. You can do your shopping in North Pole Plaza. 

Street lights in the city are decorated in a candy cane motif, and many businesses have all year Christmas decorations. The city's firetrucks and ambulances are all red, while the police cars are green and white.


Hotel North Pole is Open and Ready for YOU!      
"The City of North Pole is proud to announce the grand opening of Hotel North Pole! The hotel officially opened on May 15th and, according to Hotel Manager Melissa Conatser, they are ready to fulfill your lodging or meeting needs. " WEBSITE



 Santa Claus House ( above) is one of the top attractions in Interior Alaska, and has welcomed millions of visitors from all over the world.