Good news in Australia: environment

 Landcare is an Australian partnership between the community, business and government to do something practical about protecting our environment.  It includes Landcare, Junior Landcare, Dunecare, Sustainable Farming, CarbonSMART LandholdersThe video below showcases the great work done in restoring biodiversity across 5 properties that Landcare has developed.

Premier’s Sustainability Awards

The Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards celebrates the achievements and dedication of Victorians working towards building a more environmentally sustainable future for Victoria. Find out more.

The Banksia Sustainability Awards

The Banksia Awards is Australia’s longest running sustainability awards program. It recognises Australia’s innovative examples of sustainable research, practices and services. Find out more at The Banksia Foundation

Great Barrier Reef

World's Largest Marine Protected Area Proposed by Australian Government. 

Stay up to date on marine bioregional planning at Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities


On the banks of the Yarra Greenhouse by Joost uses sustainable ideas to present a waste free restaurant for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival -  2nd -21st March. Melbourne's sustainable designer, Joost Bakker, proves  “A world without waste is not that hard”.

This restaurant's unique features in food sourcing and production, architecture and furniture design include:

  • all urine from the Greenhouse will be harvested and used as fertiliser
  • waterless female urinal
  • electricity fuelled by unrefined canola oil;
  • wall cladding from formaldehyde-free plywood
  • glue made from soybeans
  • no toxic materials
  • rooftop bar housing over 30 plants, some climbing the walls
  • irrigation pipes as chairs
  • jam jars as glasses
  • edible cutlery
  • no rubbish bins, and
  • all waste is composted
  • wheat milled onsite
  • produce delivery in returnable packaging
  • herbs cut from the rooftop garden

    Everything was planned from scratch to achieve maximum sustainability even though the restaurant itself is only temporary. If you want to see the Greenhouse for yourself be quick as it closes completely when the festival finishes! You see it was also designed to be easily dismantled and recycled.

    If you are in Perth you can visit the Greenhouse there: 100 St. Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000. PHONE: (08) 9481 8333

    Fact sheet on how the Greenhouse works


    By Joost

    All he is saying, is give pee a chance

    Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Greenhouse by Joost


Good news for native Australian fruit

This small fruit comes in a variety of pulp colours that look and taste amazing on seafood and desserts. The flavour is very versatile adding zing to oysters and other seafood, salads, Asian foods and sweet treats.

Building a native crop. The native citrus industry, specifically fingerlimes, is a steadily growing industry.

The pulp of the fingerlime is being called citrus caviar in restaurants around the world by chefs who have driven the demand for the fruit so far. The lime pearls burst refreshingly in your mouth making them an exciting "new" addition to many foods.

The Australian Fingerlime Growers Association  provides a support network for growers of this rainforest bush tucker.

Australian Native Food Industry Ltd (ANFIL) is the national body to represent, grow and support the whole native food industry.They offers help and assistance to individuals and businesses who wish to learn more about our the Native Food Industry.

Fingerlimes are in season from January to March in Australia and can be stored in the refrigerator without losing quality. 
They can be used in place of lemons or limes or in delicious recipes available at Wild Fingerlime and Finger Limeing Good


Plant Info: Australian Bushfoods magazine 

Plant suppliers: Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery

Growers:    Wild Fingerlime      Finger Limes